Welcome to Intense Multimedia, Inc.

You were probably expecting something really awesome, weren't you? After all, we are a company that has made a reputation out of creating awesome websites and multimedia productions. Sorry to disappoint but we're just so busy putting together great things for our clients, we really didn't have any time to sit around coming up with cool stuff for ourselves.

Are you looking for a Cool Website, CD-ROM Multimedia Program, Video Production, Audio Production, Graphic Design or a combination of all of the above? Call us. We're dedicated to two things: our clients and our quality. Find out what Intense can do for you and your business. Just call: 1-217-652-6106 or drop an e-mail to Allen Stare. We look forward to working for you.

Intense Multimedia, Inc. • 233 Finley St. • Jacksonville, IL. 62650
Phone: 217-652-6106 • E-mail: stare@intensemultimedia.com